All about the shop

We are delighted when our guests use our shop as we offer good quality local produce at competitive prices. It is not possible to compete with the supermarkets but we believe in asking a fair price as we do not like to be ‘ripped off’ ourselves. Our beef is from our own herd and all other meats are from a butcher who is supplied by local farms so no added water! Listed below is just a selection of items that we stock and if there is anything else that you would like please ask – we may even have it already!

Local meats

Bacon, sausages, gammon steaks, minty lamb steaks and pork chops.

Our own beef

Mince, beefburgers and steaks (rump, sirloin and fillet)

Useful everyday items

Baked beans, pasta, milk, coffee beans, tea, sweetcorn, tin tomatoes, sugar, olive oil, breakfast cereals, juices (apple and orange), wine (red, chilled white and rose), crisps, lager, marshmallows, tomato ketchup, flour (for pancakes), lemon juice, salad dressings, kitchen roll, toilet roll and tea lights

Local produce

Veg, strawberries (when in season), butter, cheese, sheep’s yogurts, beer (Doombar,Betty Stoggs and Cornish Knocker) Roskilly’s ice cream, clotted cream, jams, marmalade, honey, cider (Cornish Rattler and Scrumpy), bottles of water, fudge, biscuits and of course there is stock in the freezer too. There are also croissants – baked to order. It is not possible to list everything – please look at our video for a better idea of what is available.