About the owners and the farm

*Our welcome document can be download by clicking the link at the bottom of this page*

We are in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with stunning views of the sea, St Michaels Mount and the Lizard. Here we milk 110 Holstein Friesian cows, with replacements and some beef cattle. We also have seven Exmoor mares with foals, that are part of a conservation scheme with Natural England. Many chickens and some ducks.Shetland ponies too.

We are a conventional farm, where our cows are housed in the winter and grazed in the summer. Our milk is sold to DairyCrest for cheese, so if you eat Cathedral City or Davidstow Cheddar then the chances are that our milk will have helped to produce it.

We grow corn for animal feed and bedding, we used to grow maize but after a bad crop in 2012, we stopped and our cows are milking very well on wholecrop. We grew sunflowers last year just to replace the maize in the top roadway field and as you can imagine they were a real hit with our guests - check out our Facebook page to see a picture.

On Boswarthen we also have some special sites of interest. Madron Wishing Well and Baptistry are the most famous, where many people visit each year. We also have some archaeology. Also near by there is the famous Lanyon Quiot, Men An Tol, Lands End and many more places to explore.

Come and stay in our luxury tents either a safari tent which sleeps up to six or our two storey which slepps up to eight(we also have some tents in partnership with Feather Down Farm Days) or in our Gypsy Caravan and enjoy the glamping experience. As well as visiting a fabulous part of the Country you will be able to experience milking and learning all about the cows as well as the other animals.

We are not as far away as you think, if you visited Cornwall as a child you may well remember the journey as a long one but now the A30 is a much improved road and by 2017 a majority of it will be dual carriageway.

When you come to stay with us here on the Farm, you won't just come for a holiday you will have an experience that you and your family will remember for a long time. You can relax (you won't have a choice !) while your children can run and play freely outside with other children or look after the chickens.You can, if you wish, let me do some of the cooking or hire a stew pot (like barbequing this is man cooking)where a cauldron is placed over a fire and a stew or soup which has been prepared by the family can gently cook.Our tents each have a bbq/firepit and local meats or our own steaks can be purchased from our on site honesty shop.


Most mornings you will have the opportunity to come and watch the calves having their morning milk and to learn about life on a dairy farm. Milking is twice a day and you are very welcome to come and see how the milk is produced in our herringbone parlour in the evening 4-5.30pm. Every fortnight we have a vet visit where he will check for pregnancies, etc and once a month our foot trimmer gives our girls and sometimes the boys a pedicure. The chickens are a big attraction, where the children can collect the eggs or sitting and stroking the chickens is a good pastime. In the summer holidays we have a campfire twice a week after Pizza and Lasagne night. Who doesn't love a fire ? Chatting,watching the flames and toasting marshmallows while the children play and make new friends. Whilst you sit, relax and enjoy a glass of wine you can watch the children play in the sand pit or enjoy a cricket match and wheelbarrow races.