Exciting and busy ....

As always we have been really busy, reading my last post about the pizza oven I am pleased to inform you that we managed to get over that hiccup and the pizzas that have been made in recent weeks, have been excellent. We have changed our pizza bases and they are truly yummy (hand stretched Italian bases!), we have just said a sad goodbye to The Micallef’s, who were here for 17 nights and enjoyed three pizza nights with us.
Briefly the last few weeks, we have become clear of TB so managed to sell some animals,Elliott held his 21st birthday party here, with friends and family staying in the tents. Alex has passed his driving test, has got a car and has celebrated his 18th birthday, Elliott came home to help celebrate but has now returned to Cheltenham. The weather has gone from brilliant sunshine everyday to misty and wet with the occasional sunny day. We even held a wedding here, which was so simple and lovely, the eating shed had a spruce up, with bark chippings on the floor, a tablecloth and bunting, in fact it looked so good that we have added bunting and a table cloth of our own.
We have enjoyed seeing returning families, in one week we had 5 out of 7 families who were repeat guests. The lambs are a really big hit and are the most friendly ones we have had yet.
Our two new tents in the bottom field look amazing and I think that next year we will have to give some of the old ones a makeover. The eating shed is looking good and this week we were able to use the ‘Happy Birthday’ bunting for one of the Dad’s.
This seems incredibly short but time is not on my side, so I leave you with this quote that sums it all up for me at the moment: Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful and time is short.( Adam Hochschild).