Fawlty Towers

I had been looking forward to half term week as of the five families here four had been to us before, so really pleased and excited to see them all back.
Farming was exceptionally challenging that week, two cows had fallen over – one hurt herself so badly that unfortunately she could not be saved. Another cow was either pushed or had fallen into a trough, Adrian found her in the evening and with Alex’s help they managed to get her out, if he had not seen her until the morning goodness knows what would have happened. On our other farm, the water had stopped running and so trying to get 170 animals watered was a struggle.

Pizza night was a less than successful night, this was because Adrian was over at Trythall (our farm across the valley) trying to sort out the water for most of the day, whilst Shaun and Alex tried to help and lit the big oven in the field, when it came to cook the pizzas the oven wasn’t hot enough so some were cooked at home, a few where cooked in the big oven and guests cooked some in their ovens – together we managed and what a god send having ovens with our wood burning stoves. It just goes to show how things can have a huge knock on effect although everyone was fed and maybe one or two enjoyed helping.

The lambs are loved by all the children especially Harry, all the children seem to prefer the smallest lamb.

I am already writing my next news, really exciting so tune in soon as hopefully by the end of the week I will post it!