Harry and....

Our new lambs are doing well and we have a good routine, they are very happy to follow me in the mornings and evenings as I take them outside to their paddock and bring them in at night. Lucy and Bethan very kindly named our lambs this year and when the message came through Adrian read Harry, I was then expecting Meghan but as Lucy is a Harry Potter fan it could really only be Hermione. To be honest we were relieved as the names could have been a lot worse and good job we didn’t go with their Dad’s suggestion which was Rigwelter and Old Peculiar – beer!!!

Last week Adrian and everyone here has been helping our friend across the road on silage, his farm borders Trengwainton Gardens. We are hoping to do ours at the end of this week, so fingers crossed that the sun continues to shine.

One big thing that has happened here since the New Year is that Alex is now milking our cows, he gets up almost every day at 4.30am and he is doing really well, we are so proud of him , our mastitis rate has dropped phenomenally, this has meant not only do we not have sick cows and are not having to dump milk but that we are not using as many medicines, this is something that we are all trying to do supported by our vets.

I am pleased to announce that I have found someone to create a new website, so excited to be working with Jennifer at Pure Cornish Design.

I always struggle to find a good ending for my little blogs so I have decided to end them with a quote, here is today’s – one for farming I think:
Good things come to those who BELIEVE. Better things come to those who are patient, and the BEST things come to those who DON’T GIVE UP.