Too long....

I am going to write more often, these are words that you have heard from me many times but I am hoping that little and often may now be the secret to a successful blog. I like writing this as it reminds me of what has happened. Looking forward will always be a priority though.

Just to put everyone straight, the Feather Down tents have been removed and I have ordered new tents for the lower field. I was hoping that they would have been up for May half term but due to a mistake in the factory that is not going to be possible at least I have not taken any bookings so that I haven’t let anyone down.

We TB tested all the animals last week and we went clear, this was after we failed a test two months earlier, a cow reacted to the test and was taken away but she was found not to have TB. Now we will have to test again in two months and after that all farmers in a TB area will have to test every six months anyway. The impact has been that we have not been able to sell the animals so cashflow has been tight.

On a positive note the better weather has meant that the cows went out to grass, about three weeks later than last year but they are pleased for some sun and we have managed to avoid buying straw (which has been exceptionally expensive this year). The tractors have been busy with field work and the grass has finally started to grow.

I have been on a few workshops which not only means that I have managed to increase my knowledge about marketing and social media (to be honest my knowledge was zero before) but have met some really lovely people and had some rather yummy lunches!.

My big project at the moment is not the tents (maybe in a few weeks) but a new website. For a start this one isn’t mobile and we will have some new photos too.
Harry and Hermione, our new lambs have joined us for the summer, so looking forward to the children having fun and bottle feeding them.

I had better wrap up for this session – I hope to be back with more news in two weeks, there I have committed myself!

Enjoy the sun wherever you are but wish you were here with us.