Time is flying.

I can’t believe how long it is since I last wrote on here. A brief update – our cow passed her TB test so that was good news as we were officially clear of TB and it meant that Adrian could sell some animals so we were able to pay the rent. Our next test has to be done in July or August and as it is a two part test with the reading done on the third day it means that we will be busy with that on a changeover day, in the past when this has happened with the reading on a Friday we have had guests who were anxious that we should go clear who wouldn’t leave until they had heard the results.
We had a fantastic Easter, it was very busy (we were full) with lovely families who really appreciated our hard work and three amazing reviews on Facebook.
Another hit is our three lambs – Garlic, Rosemary and Lucky who are so cute, the children (and the grown ups) have enjoyed giving them their bottles of milk.
This weekend has been a real mixture of weather, Friday night we had wind, yesterday was rain and this morning glorious sunshine, despite this Emma’s hen party have had a great time. Not sure what the highlight was but the lambs have helped charm them all.
Adrian is nagging me to bake some cakes as our chickens are laying well, so I best go off and make the kitchen look like we have had a flour fight, it’s not the baking so much but the cleaning up afterwards!