And then there were two.....

A fox has killed one of the guinea fowl leaving just the two and has also had five of our chicks, it happened during the day whilst they were shut in a coop, the fox managed to claw it’s way in the side. They have been shut away due the bird flu - having a few birds housed all the time is bad enough goodness knows what it must be like for the poultry farmers, it must be a very worrying time for the them and of course the free range egg market will be impacted if the latest outbreak goes on for much longer. Let’s hope there is good news for those industries at the end of the month.
Here at Boswarthen we are still feeling the brunt of having had a low milk price. Although our milk price has risen we are still feeling the effects in our cashflow (from last year) and to be honest we it will take 12-18 month’s before we can start planning again. The consequences are not just felt by us but our suppliers too. Fortunately we have the campsite to help the farm through, thinking about it there are not many farms without some form of diversification in the area, it is lucky that it fits so well together and that Adrian and I enjoy having guests here, especially our families who return each year.

We TB tested at Trythall last week (across the valley) and here the week before, we had an inconclusive rector which means that she will have to be tested again in 60 days all the while we will remain under restrictions which means that we are unable to move, buy or sell animals. We have had a massive water leak resulting in a very large bill, the Merlo caught fire (pictures on Face Book) and a couple of other minor (in comparison) things have happened.

On the upside,as mentioned last time our bookings are going really well for my tents and there is still plenty of room in the Feather Down tents and rather annoying at the moment that they have chosen to raise our prices against other farms – all I can say is that we must be worth it !